We offer specialist and bespoke therapy and psycho-educational interventions and support services for children, young people and adults as well as working with whole families. With our professional and caring reputation, we provide effective and evidenced based solutions.

We offer services in;


  Befriending – providing a ‘Responsible Adult’ type service where we will work with your client for whatever time you require as well as, guidance and support, confidence and resilience building and mentoring and motivating.

    Behaviour Support – supporting countless children, young people and adults who have experienced difficulties in regulating their emotions and managing their behaviour for one reason or another.

    Child Contact – providing safe and meaningful contact, providing professionals with an assessment of the quality of contact as well as bespoke intervention plans to enhance the child-parent relationship, improve safety and attachment, help the parent both prioritise and meet their child’s needs in the moment and become more attuned and synchronous in their relationship.

    Child Protection Services – we work with individual and whole family interventions where child protection is the main concern. We also offer assessment of the ‘Mother’s Ability to Protect’ her children as well as evidenced based treatment reports for statutory services and the courts.

    Fostering and Adoption – we provide therapeutic and support interventions which are tailored towards the needs of each individual child and the family that cares for them. We are also ‘Trauma Informed’ in the way we work.

 Complementary Services – we also offer an additional means of supporting emotional and physical health through Therapeutic Massage and Food and Nutrition Advice for all ages.

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