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Service details

For many years, we have supported countless children, young people and adults who have experienced difficulties in regulating their emotions and managing their behaviour for one reason or another.

There are a whole host of possible causes for the manifestation of such difficulties; some of the causes being apparent and some of the causes being unknown, deep routed and entrenched, often arising as a result of adverse life experiences and the environments to which they were exposed.

Some interventions are short in durations with three or four sessions providing a resolution to the original difficulties whilst other intervention can require weekly one hour sessions for up to six months. It really depends on the complexity of the issues.

We are skilled in supporting people to understand their behaviours and circumstances and also in providing therapeutic and psycho-educational solutions to resolve those difficulties as best we can. We will also empower you to use self-care to ensure as far as possible that you remain emotionally healthy for the foreseeable future.

Whatever your requirements, we have the skills and expertise to support you. ‘Behaviour is our Business’ and we are here to help.

Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium and Pupil Premium Plus Funding

Did you know that schools are allocated additional funding to support children who may require additional support, including emotional and behavioural support?

The pupil premium is additional funding for publicly funded schools in England. It’s designed to help disadvantaged pupils of all abilities perform better, and close the gap between them and their peers. This funding can be used for a variety of needs to support the child. If your child requires emotional and behavioural support for example, the school can use this funding to supply this support from either an ‘In House’ or external service. We would recommend that you talk to your child’s school about this.

Education providers can also use Pupil Premium Plus to purchase special education services. Pupil Premium Plus for looked after children recognises the impact of trauma and loss in children’s lives and how schools have a key role in supporting children who have had this difficult start to their lives.

Pupil Premium Plus is currently £2300 per child, per year. Early Years Pupil Premium is also available as additional funding within early years settings and this funding equates to £302.10 per year. Pupil Premium Plus is available to pupils from reception to Year 11 who are in local authority care and who have been adopted, left care under a Special Guardianship Order (SGO) or left care under a Child Arrangements Order. This funding is available to all children who are adopted from the care system.

How is funding accessed? In order for schools to access this funding parents and guardians must have declared their child’s adoptive, SGO or CAO status directly to the school. Parents and guardians must provide evidence for example, a copy of legal order for example should suffice.

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All of our staff are enhanced DBS checked and subject to ongoing monitoring through the Disclosure and Barring Service.

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