Service details

Service details

Brighter Futures South West is continually adapting the services that we provide to meet the needs of our customers. Due to frequent requests, we now offer a befriending service to Children, Young People and Adults in Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall. This is particularly requested with local authorities as well as agencies and services who look after children on behalf of local authorities.

The service involves providing a ‘Responsible Adult’ type service where we will work with your client for whatever time you require in the following typical roles (but not exclusive to these roles):

• Guidance and Support
• Confidence and Resilience Building
• Mentoring and Motivating
• Emotional Literacy
• Therapeutic Input if requested
• Escorting
• Supervision and Responsible Adult Role
• Supervision of Child Contact

Customer requirements

Typical examples of our customer requirements

Pick up Matthew aged nine from school. Take him out for some recreational activities and try to connect him with some activity clubs to help build his confidence and social networks. Build a safe, trusting and appropriate relationship with him to enable him to regain his trust in adults. On-going piece of work, meeting once a week for 3 hours.

Ricky’s behaviour is often dysregulated and he often needs support to regulate his emotions in the moment. His behaviour can be challenging and difficult to manage. He needs a strong male role model who can build a positive relationship with him and also be assertive and boundaried to support him in feeling safe and secure. Help to build his trust, confidence and self-esteem through on-going support and activities.

Take James who is a looked after Child to see his family for the day and supervise the contact. Keep a log and report back to us, especially in terms of the value of contact for James.

Pick up Rachel and attend a multi-agency meeting with her and support her during this process and provide a source of on-going guidance and support.

Escort Ricky to court and see his legal representatives. Report back to us. Attend a callout to the cells to act as a responsible adult to someone who has been arrested.

Take Paul and Mandy out for the day on a trip so they can have some fun.

Whatever your needs, please contact us to discuss how we can support your requirements. We charge a flat rate hourly fee plus any expenses incurred.

 All staff are DBS checked and monitored by the Disclosure and Barring Service.

Pioneers Projext

Pioneers Project

We also work closely with the Pioneers Project in Plymouth.

 The Pioneers Project is a popular choice for schools and children’s services where children may be excluded or at risk of exclusion and a different approach is needed to delivering education and support to children and young people who struggle in a mainstream education setting. This project offers bespoke support which is suited to the individual’s needs but also meets the criterion and requirements of the statutory obligation of schools to provide an education. This support is offered ‘off site’ using a variety of innovative medium to meet the aims and objectives of the referrers. For more details, you can view their website here:

Are our befriending services not quite what you’re looking for? Take a look at our other services around children’s mental health support in Plymouth and other children’s services we offer; Adoption and Fostering Services in Plymouth, Behavioural Support in Plymouth, Counselling for children, Child contact and Child protection.

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